Biscayne Bay Marine Health Innaugural Summit

“The purpose of the 2017 Biscayne Bay Marine Health Inaugural Summit (BBMHS), a joint effort of over 30 Florida-based environmental NGOs, government entities, elected officials, universities, businesses, amongst a few others, is to establish collaboration amongst diverse stakeholders, in order to create an effective 10-Year Action Plan for reducing marine/estuarine debris and other water pollutants in Biscayne Bay as well as in Miami-Dade’s canals, rivers and oceanic beaches.”

“The Summit’s Main Goals are to understand the ecological importance of and challenges to the Bay; identify and understand its main sources of pollutants; identify existing studies and prevention efforts; identify and establish a collaboration with main stakeholders; coordinate and share creative solutions, ideas, expertise and resources of Summit stakeholders in order to support the future creation of a comprehensive 10 Year Action Plan.”

WHEN: June 28, 2017

WHERE: Florida International University, Biscayne Bay Campus


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